A downloadable game for Windows

“Feral Arena” is a three vs. one party game where three
soldiers try to take out the monster before they all die. Each player starts
with a rifle and they can pick up a weapon crate that randomly spawns and can
give them a new weapon such as a flame thrower or a shotgun which they can use a
few seconds. After all players are eliminated or the monster dies, the round
will end. Depending on how well each player or monster does, they will receive
points that they can use to upgrade their stats for increased damage, health,
or speed. In addition, after the round is over the chance wheel will spin which
modifies the game play for the next round. Game play can be changed in ways like
having smaller players, a smaller monster, or even increased crate spawn rate.
When the next round starts one of the soldiers is randomly selected to be the
next monster and the cycle starts all over again. 

3 players battle the monster with an arsenal of weapons!

Chance wheel means no two rounds will be the same!

Grab weapons from air drops to defeat the FERAL BEAST!


FeralArena.zip 19 MB